If you are searching the world for the “secret to golf”, in reality it lies within you today.

In EVERY life skill you PERFORM successfully you trust your unconscious mind to manage your physical actions without CONSCIOUS interference. If you ever take a detailed look at how you attempt to learn, practice and play the game of golf today you may notice little but ongoing attempts to consciously control your physical actions. Our work explains AND demonstrates why learning HOW TO SWING (internal focus) and learning HOW TO PLAY golf (external focus) are very different skills, both of which need to be deliberately practiced.

What is the difference between learning how to swing and learning how to play golf?

Clearly every technique coach wants to help you perform. Traditional coaching methods employed world wide promote ongoing CONSCIOUS CONTROL of your physical actions during the 1.5 seconds of your swing or putt. Unfortunately this approach flies in the face of how you PERFORM any life skills successfully. You only develop TRUST in your physical skills in golf (and life) when you switch your Attentional Focus AWAY from the control of them but you are never taught HOW to systematically achieve this in your practice or play. This is why you find the game of golf so uniquely difficult to master. Until you learn to TRAIN and TRUST your self in practice, your play will remain frustratingly inconsistent.

What is unique about Target Oriented Golf?

Over 30 years of academic research and personal discovery we have developed an APPLIED golf coaching program based on a detailed understanding of the brain’s Attentional/Visual Focus system and its role in long term skills acquisition and psychological performance. Our program reveals how to STOP trying to consciously control your physical actions in practice AND play. It is important to understand why ongoing, conscious repetition in practice does not manifest itself as trust on course. Your problems lie entrenched in HOW you practice.

What is Attentional/Visual Focus and why should you care?

It is the complex brain function at the heart of the essential mental skill you seek to play golf consistently – SINGLE POINTED CONCENTRATION. Erroneous conscious thoughts as you prepare to execute your golf shots prevent you from doing this consistently. It is very clear that golfers are not taught the difference between LOOKING and SEEING. To play golf, it is essential to differentiate between your VISUAL and ATTENTIONAL focus. When you learn how to CONTROL your attention you will discover how to TRUST your technique.

Why haven’t you been taught these skills in your golf lessons before?

You clearly can not be coached in practice details which can not explained in theory. The neuropsychology behind TOG is complex but we have dedicated our lives to demonstrating this subject matter simply within our products and services. No psych “tips”, no quick fixes. Clinical research methods have significant restrictions which prevents a program like TOG being developed i.e researchers can not explain the PRE-shot procedure due to the time involved and number of variables. Research is however slowly revealing that an EXTERNAL focus of attention during shot execution expedites motor skills acquisition and improves shot accuracy. This coincides with the primary benefits of learning Target Oriented Golf.

Who needs Attentional Focus coaching?

Every single golfer. Beginner to Pro. We teach PGA coaches, PGA Tour Professionals and amateur golfers how to develop an awareness and discipline of conscious mind during the entire period between stepping into the ball and observing it fly to your target. This is where golf performance lives enabling an UNCONSCIOUS, intuitive flow of action within the 1.5 seconds of the swing and putt. A SINGLE erroneous conscious thought today as you prepare to swing elevates arousal levels and destroys physical flow. This manifests itself as performance anxiety destroying the putting strokes and swings of Pro and amateurs alike.

How is Target Oriented Golf different to other psychology theories like NLP, EFT etc.?

Target Oriented Golf is NOT “mind” coaching. This is an APPLIED golf instruction program. You will learn and be SHOWN how to train AND trust your technical skills. You will discover why Target Oriented Golf IS the missing link, demonstrating uniquely how to BIND your technical and mental skills in practice. It reveals HOW to focus attention whilst developing technical skills and also when practicing how to PLAY. Our work goes to the heart of your conscious mind and explains the neuroscience behind thought and action. When you learn how to CONTROL your attention, you stop analysing the symptoms of erroneous thought.

What will you learn uniquely from the Target Oriented Golf coaching program?

• Develop precision in your swing mechanics and understand HOW to repeat unconsciously.

• Learn how to both Train AND Trust your technical skills with deliberate practice.

• Develop “quiet eyes” to eliminate the movements which compromises solid ball striking.

• Inhibit the effects of stress and anxiety so you perform in competition as in practice.

• Develop the same precision, consistency and accuracy for putting, chipping and pitching.

• Develop a single Pre-Shot mental (not just physical) process for use with every golf shot.

• Discover why Attentional Focus lies at the heart of how you learn and perform in golf.

Golf is NOT a unique life skill so why do you struggle to play and perform consistently?

How we are taught the game IS unique and it is this anomaly we seek to address with our work. This is not a flippant statement. Our products and services explain why in great detail. Golf is PLAYED when you understand the significant difference between your Visual and Attentional Focus systems. Until then, there is no play only confusion and frustration.

You may ask yourself why golf performance remains so uniquely elusive in your life? Too much ‘thinking’ is not the problem, what you choose to focus attention on certainly can be

Come and learn HOW to focus your CONSCIOUS mind for golf. You know the alternative.