Tony’s goal is to help all golfers learn how to access that most desired of states, known as The Zone. To do so, requires the acquisition of golf specific physical, visual, and attentional (mental and emotional) skills.

Misinformation, the wrong practice strategies, and lack of understanding of the uniqueness of golf inhibit the acquisition of those skills and limit the success one can achieve.  Tony’s training workshops provide participants with information and training strategies that develop or improve physical, visual, and attentional efficiency, precision, and tenacity.

Tony is available for both one-on-one consultation and group training and presentations.

Individual  One-on-one phone (Skype) or face-to-face currently only available in Milwaukee, WI

Tony uses the formula performance equals potential minus interference.  The complete game analysis provides insight into the skills you need to acquire to achieve what you want.

You will answer questions concerning your present abilities, practice behaviors, sources of internal and external interference, your responses to pressure, stress, mistakes, and perceived failure, focus of attention in practice, on the course and during competition, as well as physical conditioning, nutrition, and eating behaviors, and water consumption on and off the course.

From your answers; a profile will constructed that will then be used to develop a plan for each issue needing to be addressed.

  • Complete game analysis: $100.00 (Free with 6 hour consulting package) The Individual Golf Profile is a comprehensive game analysis tool that evaluates every part of your game; from mechanical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses, to playing and practice behaviors, to conditioning, nutritional, and water drinking behaviors.  All of these have the potential to limit your potential and impede your performance.  The Profile was developed by Dr. Tony Piparo.  Once completed and returned, you will receive a comprehensive analysis that will create your road map to success.
  • One-on-one consultation: $100.00
  • Six-hour package: (Includes complete game analysis, TOG Book & Video set) $500.00
  • Playing lesson: (9-holes)    $200.00
  • Playing lesson: (18 holes)    $300.00


Tony is also available for full- and ½-day training workshops and will speak at your golf, business, school, or group functions and banquets.

Call for quote and availability.

Phone: 414.483.7758

Skype: anthony.j.piparo