Tony Piparo has spent the last forty years studying golf, both from inside and outside the sport, and has developed a unique approach that focuses on physical and mental precision, efficiency, and tenacity.  He played competitively for many years before teaching and coaching golfers how to become more proficient in the game they love.  He has a Master degree in Kinesiology and a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology.

He earned the prestigious American Psychological Association’s Dissertation of  the Year honors for his work on concentration and performance in golf.  He has published several books, including Kingdom of the Tiger, A Golfer’s Guide to Playing in The Zone, and Master the Art and Science of Putting. He also has written for Triad Golf Today, and

His students include numerous high school and collegiate competitors as well as Senior Tour Player, David Lundstrum and the 2010 British Amateur champion, Jin Jeong.  He consults individually with golfers as well as conducts seminars and workshops for groups.

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