I believe that every golfer can dramatically improve their performance and learn to play in The Zone, almost at will, with the proper training techniques.  Let me help you achieve your dream goals. – Dr. Tony Piparo

Peak performance in golf requires the perfect harmony between mind, body, and eyes.  Unfortunately for most golfers the traditional method for learning and practicing (what I refer to as the hit-and-hope method) at best is inefficient and at worst, an exercise in futility.  Here, at The Peak For Golf you will learn new methods of training that will teach you how:

  • The attentional, physical, and visual systems function in each of golf’s skills (full swing, putting, short game, etc)
  • To train each system in the scientifically most efficient and effective manner
  • How to decrease your practice time while dramatically increasing your proficiency
  • Focus and shut out distraction
  • Visualize and make more shots
  • Relax and eliminate stress and tension from your body and mind
  • To prepare to play and compete in The Zone


Over twenty five years teaching

Over ten years as a head professional in Wisconsin and North Carolina

Master teacher at 1-Putt Golf Schools in Winston-Salem, NC

President Down The Line™ Concepts, Inc

Nearly twenty years as a Peak Performance Consultant

Masters in Kinesiology (study of human movement)

Masters in Education (Learning Specialist)

Doctorate in Sport Psychology

1993 Dissertation of the Year Honors from the American Psychological Association



I had been playing golf ever since I was about 6 years old and had been competing since I was 10.  I blew up every time I played poorly and lost control of my emotions.  I could not handle mistakes and didn’t know how to stop the poor play or get control of my emotions.  I worked with Tony for about a year while in high school.  In that time I gained control of my emotions, improved my play, and no longer let mistakes get the better of me.  I have since earned a spot on the UNC-Greensboro Golf team and am doing very well. ~ Robert Hoadley

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